Festival & Forum 21

Festival & Forum 21 is an International Music Festival that is the platform for a Scientific Study called “From Bullet to Fiddle”.

Time: June 12-19, 2025.

Place: To be announced soon!


Could Music and all Art forms be essential for the survival of our World?

  • Concerts with renowned artists and ensembles will accompany discussions with artists, scientists and other key people from other different sectors of Society concerning this all important question.
  • Festival artists will also be working with young talents as equal musical partners.

Festival & Forum 21 will include theatre/dance performances as well as Art exhibitions of various kinds.


Festival & Forum 21 intends to initiate an international movement that supports all Art forms, as a demonstration of how the Arts can be powerful and life changing highways in building a harmonic society. Access to music for children is the magic key which opens the door to this transformation.

We hope to gather and engage artists from all corners of our world - to be part of and inspire such a movement. It’s more important than ever to engage in discussions, resulting in successful strategies showing how massively supporting the Arts is the best investment towards building a harmonious world. Facts and figures can show how the Arts can provide “instruments” to build a better and more peaceful world!